Ogden Hispanic Festival

Greatest Hispanic Festival in Utah

On October 15, 2022 for the 6th year in a row, the Ogden Hispanic Festival (OHF) will highlight the culture, history, education, music, dance, and gastronomy of the Latino community. Last year’s event was a rousing success, with an attendance of over 1000 people. This year the event will be even more successful with an expected crowd of 2,500 to 3,9000.This year’s theme is “Civic Engagement & Culture, the Path to Education and Success.” The OHF is a free event, open to the public. Our goal is to bring the Ogden and surrounding community together to celebrate the diverse Latino culture and provide a forum where resources from organizations and businesses alike that value, embrace and celebrate diversity, can connect with the Latino community.


Civic Engagement and Culture the Path to Education and Success

LUPEC believes that Civic Engagement and Culture are the path to education and success. Civic responsible citizens and neighbors recognize they are part of a larger social fabric. Individuals who work to make an impact by developing skills, talents, values and motivation make a difference in their community through civic life. Educational achievement is key to community and civic engagement; it not only empowers individuals but has exponential benefits that can counter negative social effects caused by low educational attainment.As individuals strive to make a better life for themselves and their communities, as they work, and sacrifice to provide for their families, the will to make a difference catapults the desire for prosperity, opening doors to actionable and executable goals. Civic participation can be conceived through culture, as both concepts are perpetually linked. A culture that identifies with rich experiences, customs, high morals, core values, and beliefs that are passed down from one generation to another, harbor principles that enable community involvement.Hispanic core values like self belief, risk taking, independence, family first, hard work, sacrifice, deep pride in heritage and ambition, are remarkable ideas. When cultural traits connect to civic engagement, it creates a path to education and success, and an effect on social returns and community prosperity.


Sponsoring the Ogden Hispanic Festival

This is an ideal way to reach out to Latino/Hispanic community members in the region. In addition, it gives the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with all the diverse ethnic groups within our city. Our hope is that the Ogden Hispanic Festival will not only help us grow our scholarship fund and future civic, educational and empowerment programs, but that it will be an event where businesses, non-profit organizations, and the non Hispanic community come together with Latino entrepreneurs, artists and folklore to integrate as one community, reflecting cultural pride, and having the opportunity to market services and products to all. Our non-profit organization is asking for your help for the expenses on the event.


Why Volunteer

The Ogden Latino Festival would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of many volunteers. Every year countless volunteers work behind the scenes to ensure the success of the festival. Thank you to all those volunteers who made the Ogden Hispanic Festival 2021 a huge success! Let’s now start getting ready for 2022.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Great return on investment for your business

Get your company message out to 2500 to 3900 potential clients and consumers.

Position your company brand as an industry leader.

Increase awareness of your product or service with exposure before, during and after the event.

Build relationships with potential and existing clients and customers.

Underscore your company mission, values and product offering by becoming one of our event sponsors.

Show your company support and commitment to Ogden’s Hispanic / Latino community.

Get a tax deduction for your business.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Presenting $10000
Diamond Scholarship $5000
Entertainment $5000
Platinum Scholarship $3000
T-Shirts $2500
Expo $2000
Bags $2000
Kids Area $1500
Tech Area $1500
Health Area $1500
Education Area $1500
Government Area $1500
Promotional Materials $1500
Gold Scholarship $1000
Silver Scholarship $500
Raffle Prize $500
Floral Arrangements $500
Awards $500
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